I’m Sharon and thank your for taking the time to visit my blog. This blog is intended to provide a space where i can keep my personal journey of surviving the stillbirth of my son Oscar,


My first born, my first child and the reason for this blog, Sadly he didn’t get to experience all that life could have offered him, but I am remembered of him everyday in all that i do.


Daughter, Sister, Wife and Mum. I enjoy spending time with my amazing family, my friends and most importantly my husband and our fur baby Poppy. I love a good wine, and traveling the world. Reality tv especially Keeping up with the Kardashians is my guilty pleasure.


Sharon the mother

March 2017 forever changed my life, it made me a mother but most importantly it taught me that your life can change in a moment. Sharon the mother prior to March 25 was looking forward to holding her baby in her arms in August 2017, unfortunately this is not to be,

Sharon the mother will be committed to bringing stillbirth out of the darkness by opening up the conversation and hopefully help someone on this awful journey.

Oscar and us