Feeling hopeful

Dear Oscar

Today has been one of those days where despite the pain of missing you, I can feel hopeful about the future.

You have brought your daddy and I so much closer and I know that even though you are not physically with us, you fill our lives everyday single and are in both our thoughts.

For the first time today, I feel that there is a way to move forward with our lives. I know that one day we will be able to have the chance at holding your baby brother or sister. We will always keep your memory alive.

I miss you my darling and wish you were here but I know you are watching over us 


Dear Oscar- 26 April 2017

My darling boy, a month since you have left us. I still feel so empty everyday thinking of you, missing you, wishing you were here.

Life has moved on since that fateful day in March but my heart and mind hasn’t. I still think of that day back in December when i discovered i was carrying you, how happy i was to be your mum.

Yet months later, being your mum and not having you in my arms is causing me so much heartbreak. I know that there’s nothing i can do to bring you back, but i hope that wherever you are you know that you were, are and will be forever loved my darling.

Forever in my heart,

Your mummy